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Digging Deeper... *Fun... *feeling uniquely our own skin...laughing with and at ourselves are essential to our self,garden and life care... Expressing so much **JOY, ... **jubilantly outwardly yelling..THANK YOU.. for our garden/ life space. Having FUN in our garden/ life space makes it a special place. GOB Fun Fact There is a 6ft giraffe and a bag of balloons in our garden. Do you know why? Thank you for pausing and having some fun in our Peaceful garden space. Have FUN and in JOY yourself. Stay safe James 1


*Fully Understand Nature, as The Master Gardener teaches us the ways of nature- just be in peace and have fun! *Finding uniqueness in nature that speaks to our souls while nurturing the soil. Fun is fundamentally simple though sometimes complex when we try to research science and with our intelligence try to understand the Creator’s ecosystem. Pray in your garden/life space and He will reveal the answer to our issues.

Consider it joy, enjoy and have fun in your garden/life space

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