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My Special Sunflower

It stands strongest!

Withstanding the harsh beaming sun, the raging winds

the tumultuous storms

It stands tallest!

Hovers over the young, tender, vulnerable plants

protecting them with its expansive leaves

though susceptible to environmental and climate changes

its stems remain agile and flexible

firmly rooted in soil, fertilized its own way…

with daily doses of green tea and Bible scriptures

It stands longest!

In time, its plush yellow and green color turns to brown

it wilts, it bends, and with no regrets, it bows its head

as it’s near its end, it gestures its final thank you!

Knowing that its seeds was the ultimate purpose of is existence

To bear a multitude of organic seeds, it’s legacy…

Special heirloom seeds that will be the strongest, the tallest and the best quality

That will grow together, blossom and give us more sunflower seeds.

Daddy, my special sunflower…You stand and bloom forever in my heart,

Thank You! Continue to rest in peace!

Today I will sow more sunflower seeds in our peaceful Garden of Beleaf!

Thank you for pausing, keep sowing good seeds in good soil in our life and garden spaces.

Psalms 23

Matthew 13

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