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...digging deeper

…a *PAUSE to *pray and unwind, slowly exhale… can lead to another kind of PAUSE to *pivot and uncover something else…God has for us to do. These corvid 19 spikes have been like **SOUL alarms creating a **sense of urgency lightning-rods…saying DO IT NOW! Those deferred dreams- For me, 10+ years I dreamed of owning a garden tea house, an oasis, nested in our community, a peaceful healing place, where you can sit back, sip some tea while enjoying the ambiance of a pleasant retreat. My closet is stacked high with teapots, garden accents, water fountains and other items for this special place. In my PAUSE, my prayer to God was that He would re-direct my PATH (perfectly aligned to His). The path shifted from a place to developing an e-commerce/website, so others could visit and purchase items to create/enhance their own peaceful space. Well I did it! I’m learning and having so much fun along the way.

We’re so excited for you to visit our garden website, link in profile (best viewed from pc). Please browse around, then visit the gift shop. We so want you to enhance your space -JUST FOR YOU- use promo code BELEAF40 to get 40% off all items purchased until 11/23/2020. All proceeds from the teapots sales will go to an inspiring cause. We appreciate your support and would love to hear your feedback.

Thank you for pausing to see what we have been up to and also visiting our website. BELEAF…be encouraged, let’s emerge and flourish…together!

Please stay safe!

Mark 9:23 KJV

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