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Updated: Jul 31, 2020


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*Thank YOU so much, b/c of you, our garden grew to 💯 followers 💐. Your kind words, knowledge and inspiration blended with the Fruits of the Spirit as our guiding post and God's Blessings makes GOB a peaceful garden retreat space.💚...

You are like flowers and edibles, different but yet the same. You nurture your souls with the soil of the Earth. You put in the labor of love and enjoy a bountiful harvest that you share in so many ways. You are more than followers, you are friends and together we made beautiful gardens 💐 *THANK YOU for pausing to enjoy the peace of our clippings. Take care of yourself and be safe.

😷Keep GrOwing 🌱💚

🎶Green Garden Laura Mvula

Galatians 5🤲🏾🙏🏾

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