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My passion for *water fountains stemmed from a need intersected with creativity. I needed to hear the soothing sound of water in my garden to calm the turbulence whirling in my head. Breathless, grasping for air, blocked airwaves to my lungs, created a major blockage to my life’s progress… Sarcoidosis was the diagnosis. Air tubes connected to an oxygen concentrator became my new life sustaining treatment. I walked my garden with a handful of used air tubes, crying out, why and what do I do next? Looking **UP to God for an answer, a witty idea was revealed to me that would ** unleash possibilities …upcycling the air tubes into water tubes for water fountains, powered by His sun’s rays- simply, unique solar water fountains. After experiencing the peace, I felt as the rhythmic sound of the water drowned out lives tumultuous sounds, making water fountain became my passion and obsession. Everyone should have a water fountain as part of our self-care essentials in their garden/life space. Make Your own!! Join me for a virtual water fountain workshop (date TBD).We'll have some fun and as your creativity and water flows!

GOB Water Fountain Fact:

There is 8+ solar water fountains in GOB garden that turns on as the sun rays moves. It's so beautiful to see the birds peacefully playing in the water and hearing the soothing sounds, while watching the flowers and edibles in our garden/ life space- all part of nature's calming essentials needed during these unsettling times.

Thank you for pausing to enjoy the sounds of the water fountains in our peaceful garden.

Please stay safe

Proverbs 8

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