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In its beginning, 3 years ago, Garden Of Beleaf (GOB) was created, formed from 240 sq. yds. of swamp land, into a mindful, peaceful garden retreat space. This fulfilling God’s promises and continual manifestation of His purposes of nurturing our souls and the soil. GOB is whimsically and creatively designed to meet the needs of our body, mind, soul and the soil. It has multiple segments of 8 (infinite/ new beginnings) that is revealed when our eyes, hearts, and minds are opened to see and received.

Well, come in to GOB, pause for a while and enjoy the clippings of the flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, succulents, shrubs, trees, and vines as they and us E.M.E.R.G.E. …growing together. Thank You for stopping by!

3 years ago, after eating a pineapple, we planted the crown…. look what recently emerged!!!

Fruit Facts:

Genesis 1

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