Updated: Jan 13

SOI/ULFUL SUNDAY ... Digging deeper... *L.O.R.N.A. Hello, my name is *LORNA, I'm named and gifted to create * lots of really nice acronyms. I love making acronyms because it shows the power of a **WORD's deeper meaning. A W.O.R.D., can be a **weapon of real defense, to keep our thoughts focus ... causing our mind to dig deeper, while in our garden/ life space.

Try creating the acronym for your name and favorite word....

GOB acronym WORD FACTS: Did you notice that most of GOB Instagram posts has an acronym WORD? Planted in GOB are BELIEVE, LOVE,SMILE,PEACE,FAITH FOCUS,JOY,AMAZING ...Can you dig deeper to re-de-fine each WORD Thank you for pausing to think deeper about an acronym WORD in our peaceful garden or life space. Please be safe in your space Proverbs 22

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