SOI/ULFUL SUNDAY ... Digging deeper... *L.O.R.N.A. Hello, my name is *LORNA, I'm named and gifted to create * lots of really nice acronyms. Also AKA includes, honey, mom,sis,cuz,auntie,LA Matea,CEO, garden and water fountain lady.I love making acronyms b/c it shows the power of a **WORD's deeper meaning. A WORD, can be a **weapon of real defense, to keep our thoughts focus ... causing our mind to dig deeper, while in our garden/ life space. What is your name and favorite acronym word? GOB acronym WORD FACTS: Did you notice that most of GOB Instagram posts has an acronym WORD? Nests in GOB are BELIEVE, LOVE,LAUGH,PEACE,FAITH ...Can you figure them out Thank you for pausing to think deeper about acronym WORDs in our peaceful garden space. Please be safe in your space Proverbs 22

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