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Updated: Jul 1, 2020


Digging deeper…


My parents took the PATH more/less traveled, planting seeds along the way in the Islands of St. Vincent, Aruba, Trinidad, Grenada, and Barbados. Arriving in America with 4 seedlings and luggage full of hope that these seedlings would grow on this “fertile” soil of opportunity. The PATH had curves and uneven spots. Though they were tripped and fell down, they got back up, and through it all they stayed on the PATH. They plowed in the heat, the cold, the rain…they endured and always stayed focused on nurturing their 4 plants that grew tall and strong…. Bearing seedlings of their own, to grow our Garden of Beleaf (GOB) and create a new PATH  that will… pave a thruway home.

Though we miss them here, we are at peace, knowing they now walk together on the eternal PATH of …. peace and true happiness…with Him.


Thank You for teaching us to stay on the PATH…. perfectly aligned to Him.

GOB PATH Facts: This PATH is a... purposeful and thoughtful hardscaping design - 75 ft long and 5 ft wide (approx. 400 bricks) and wheelchair accessible. There are 4 transition moments within GOB pathway: the red table, the well, the swing and under the tree. All meant for you to leave your worries behind so you can enjoy a replenishing retreat in our peaceful garden space. The curve in the PATH is an invitation to pause and explore God’s beautiful gifts. The pathway was slightly sloped to allow for rain runoff while also keeping you alert and agile.

Take time to walk your PATH and along the way ...pause and touch hearts…and hopefully reconnecting with your own.

Acronyms for PATH:

*pave a thruway home

*peace and true happiness

*perfectly aligned to Him.

*pause and touch hearts

*purposeful and thoughtful hardscaping

Psalm 23…He leadth me in the paths of righteousness for His namesake 

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