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…a metaphor

Reopening…, proceed with caution when going out to the side. After two months not knowing what to expect, hoping to see emerging flowers, but instead seeing this w.e.e.d, encroached on the pathway leading to the entrance of Garden Of Beleaf, a peaceful retreat space. The once well-defined path obstructed by this fast growing, deeply rooted w.e.e.d. This should not have happened!! Knowing this w.e.e.d. pre-existing systematic characteristics, all necessary actions were taken - w.e.e.d. cloth was used to cover up the ancestral soil tainted with blood, sweat and tears of untold and unsolved painful realities. - lots of mulch was put down to smother any new growth. The w.e.e.d. has re-emerged and more dangerous than ever before. Using organic homemade remedies will not work on this w.e.e.d. Toxic pesticides must be applied to "calm the problem, protect lives and properties" and supposedly prevent any future re-occurrence.

Let’s pray that it rains and God’s saving grace will soften the soil to make uprooting this w.e.e.d. easier and forever.

…Hurricane season started June 1, ominous weather is being forecasted…

1 Chronicles 7

*W.E.E.D….w.illfully e.scalating e.vil d.oing

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