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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

SOI/UL SUNDAY 7/12/2020

Digging deeper


My friend after visiting GOB website,connected with me(via text) to see how I was doing and to share. The word WITHIN dominated my thoughts during our text conversation….

FRIEND: Breathtakingly, beautiful and exquisitely .

Within it You beat and 'you' beat within It.

ME: Thank you for going WITHIN🤔 my Garden of Beleaf (GOB). I know you were able to understand the deeper connections of the soil and the soul that are deeper that the eyes can see... beauty comes from WITHIN🤔... *when internal truth harmonically intersects nature.

FRIEND: It is He Who opens us and guides us.

ME: ...from Within.

FRIEND: 1/3 His Signs are all around us. He says, "I have sent My Signs from within and without". And one of My Signs is that I cause the day to enter 2/3 into night(darkness) and the night into day (light). So no matter where we are we are able to see Him.

But since most are spiritually deaf, dumb and blind,3/3 He gives us each other so that we may reflect Him and contemplate Him in every waking and sleeping moment.

ME: All Praises To The Most Highest....

Our text conversation is laying on my heart, knowing its depth is so profound and have great meaningful/ purpose. You certainly shifted my thinking and pulled me out from WITHIN.

Can I post our conversation on my Instagram post as part of my Soi/ulful Sunday...digging deeper series? As follows: WITHIN... *when internal truth harmonically intersects nature.

A text conversation with a friend who knew when it was time to connect with me, within my garden nature space. ( Insert text conversation)

Thank you for pausing... please take time to look within your contact list and connect with your friends... without hesitation.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

ME: That's ok... with a pause, I have been moved to use this as a pause moment... All Praises 💞

FRIEND: 1/1 Share as you will at any time. It is like the Rain

of God's Mercy. When it rains outside anyone outside will get wet. 1/2 I write nothing that you cannot share. However, I cannot take 2/2 back the grammar or spelling mistakes.

Also, as you probably 'got'...some things are for you to first download into your being and then share through YOU after the circle has been closed so that you reap its fullness. It is sacred first for you.❤ Love😊

ME: I so I'll PAUSE...pray and untwine, slowly exhale...before sharing. 💞

FRIEND: How do I know? Cause, I too am the same as you.😁

ME: All is well now.How are you? I humbly extracted the piece of your text that gave me PEACE to...put everything aside, calmly exhale💕💐💐

Here is the link to my IG post


FRIEND: Nice! Peace is ever- present and surrounding us . When we ignore the distractions and shirks...we become the Peace and the peace becomes us.😊💕

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